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    Spensley - Black

    Dining chair


    Please note: As this is speciality item this product has an expected delivery time of 12 weeks

    The Spensley is a part of our original range and designed to suit any lifestyle. Using stretched leather, wrapped to a blonde teak frame. These dining chairs are a multi-purpose piece for any modern home. 

    Leather Care -
    Please note that our Leather is cow skin and a completely natural product. Our black leather is batch-dyed. The colour and texture of every piece is unique and unrepeatable. Small imperfections can be present, this is often due to scars or freckles from the cow.

    Delivery -
    We offer free, flat rate and quoted delivery to selected locations. Please check our delivery page to see what you qualify for.

    H860mm x W500mm x D520mm Ground to seat 470mm

    Tan , Natural

    Availability will be noted on this page. 

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