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    Roseneath Butterfly Chair - Blush


    If you only ever buy one occasional chair then this has to be it. The Roseneath Butterfly is the ...


    Roseneath Butterfly Chair - Black


    If you only ever buy one occasional chair then this has to be it. The Roseneath Butterfly in Blac...

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    Buy Butterfly Chairs Online

    Style is such an important part of our homes. It represents our sense of the world and gives insight into what we value and enjoy in life. Choosing furniture for the home can often be a long process, simply because finding those items that not only fit with the design and décor that you are aiming for can be tricky, but they must also gel with how you want your house to look and feel.

    Butterfly Chair Hand Crafted by Australia’s Best

    One of the true icons of the furniture world is the butterfly chair and here at Barnaby Lane we handcraft these outstanding, eye-catching chairs and make them accessible to our customers all over Australia.

    Our goal is to deliver a higher quality of leather furniture options to the Australian homeowner, affording them possibilities beyond the typical furniture found in high street retailers.

    Butterfly Chair Adds A New Dimension to Any Room

    If the thought never crossed your mind before to buy a butterfly chair then now is the time to give it serious consideration as you’re missing out! We love this style of chair, as it is the ultimate choice for those that want to sink back into their seat and let the troubles of the world drift away.

    Originally manufactured by three Argentinian architects, it is one of those designs that always attract attention, and usually, people can’t resist trying it out. A butterfly chair is perfect for both indoor or outdoor use, it requires very little maintenance and is a highly portable choice for those that like to split their time between different rooms and not sacrifice their creature comforts.

    Here at Barnaby Lane, we love just how different the design is when compared to a traditional seat. It is in many ways more similar to a hammock than a normal, rigid chair and for that reason alone makes for a truly unique experience that delivers huge levels of comfort.

    The butterfly chair is more often than not found in a living room and can really add a new dimension to the existing décor. Everything else may be traditional, but with this design in place, new possibilities open up and there is a myriad of opportunities to be bold and contrast against it to achieve something completely unique in the space.

    Those that love to read can sink into it without taking up very much room at all, which makes it an ideal choice for those that perhaps have limited space to work with, but who simply must have a great chair to kick back in. You achieve style, a sense of lightness, great quality and a comfortable seat all in one.

    Finding the Perfect Piece for Your Home

    At Barnaby Lane, our butterfly chair is available online or in our showroom. Choose between a stainless steel and an iron matte black frame, either of which looks incredible supporting the superb black soft blush leather.

    Free delivery is available to certain locations, so get in touch with us if you are considering this.

    At Barnaby Lane, expect to find the best leather furniture for less, backed by a team passionate about finding you that perfect piece for your home.

    The Best Place to Buy a Butterfly Chair in Australia

    While we may be a little bit biased, we truly believe that our butterfly chairs really are statement pieces that will bring elegance to any room in your home. And that’s because we’ve ensured that our chairs are made from premium quality leather that will just get better and better with time.

    When you buy a butterfly chair from us, you’ll get a chair that’s been ergonomically designed to be as comfortable and supportive as possible without compromising on aesthetics. And while our butterfly chairs are not the most affordable that you can buy in Australia, we believe it’s worth it because a) you’re getting a high-quality product that will last and b) we offer great value on all our furniture.

    In fact, we believe that we’re one of the best places to buy a butterfly chair in Australia if you’re looking for a chair that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter in any room.

    How to Care for your New Butterfly Chair

    Your new chair from Barnaby Lane is going to be your pride and joy from the moment you place it in your living space. It’s going to serve you well for years, if not decades, to come and it’s simply going to get better and better with age.

    However, as it’s made from a natural material, it’s going to need a little helping hand along the way. After all, we clean and moisturise our own skin, so it stands to reason that you’re going to have to look after the hide on your chair in a similar way.

    Just remember to position it away from any constant heat sources and away from direct sunlight too. Give it a regular wipe down with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust, perhaps once a week so that debris and dust doesn’t start to build up. If you’ve left it a little while, you may find that a damp cloth will be needed to loosen the dust, but don’t be tempted to use a cloth that’s too wet or you could saturate the leather.

    Manufacturers recommend using specialist leather cleaners and moisturisers to gently remove stains and put back the moisture and elasticity. Don’t skimp on these. Although the price may put you off a little, remember that you’ve made a considerable investment in your new chair and you want to keep it looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

    We Ship Our Stylish Butterfly Chair Australia-wide

    Our stylish butterfly chairs really are the ultimate statement piece so if you want to make this eye-catching design the focal point of your room, you’ll be pleased to know that we ship our butterfly chair Australia wide. Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney or indeed anywhere in our beautiful country, you can become the proud owner of one of Barnaby Lane’s exquisite leather chairs.

    Barnaby Lane are expert craftsmen of leather chairs throughout Melbourne & Australia. Whether you are looking for leather armchairs, leather sling chairs or leather dining chairs, Barnaby Lane have you covered with high quality, hand made chairs. We also stock differen't coloured chairs like tan leather chairs, black leather chairs & white leather chairs.

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