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    A little more about us..

    Barnaby Lane began with the idea to make high quality design accessible to everyone, furniture that is simple yet a focal point and doesn’t cost a fortune or send you broke. In curating and designing our products we hold dear the principles of sleek, minimalist design. We strongly believe that less is more.

    Working with a team of talented individuals across the globe, who all share the same vision and passion, we believe that hand crafted is best and that putting in the time always reaps great reward.

    Sustainability is important to us so we only use certified recycled wood in our products. We love the thought that a piece of wood can have many lives and that one day it could end up in your home - imagine the stories it could tell.

    Our greatest achievement and joy is our best seller the Smith. Designed by us, it is the shining star of the range and we believe that everyone deserves a Smith in their home.

    The team and I look forward to bringing you exciting new design over the next year.

    Rae  xx
    Founder of Barnaby Lane, obsessed with great design and humbled to be immersed in such a creative and talented industry in Melbourne.