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    Smith Leather Sling Chair - Black


    The Smith Leather Sling Chair is our most popular - it's pretty obvious why! This sling leather c...


    Tanner Armchair - Black


    The Tanner armchair is a Barnaby classic. Woven leather on a blonde teak frame. An understated de...


    Tanner Dining Chair - Black

    Dining chair

    The Tanner dining chair is a Barnaby classic. Woven leather on a blonde teak frame. The Tanner ar...


    Boston Dining Chair - Black

    Dining chair

    Boston is a part of our brand new range. With a contemporary aesthetic and a minimal feel. These ...


    Oxford Armchair - Black


    The Oxford is a part of our brand new range. With a contemporary aesthetic and a minimal feel. Th...


    Kensington Armchair - Black


    The Kensington is an outdoor armchair designed for relaxing. Detailed string woven onto a teak fr...


    Fenwick Dining Chair - Black

    Dining chair

    The Fenwick is a part of our original range and designed to suit any lifestyle. Using stretched l...


    Jones Dining Chair - Black

    Dining chair

    Jones is a part of our brand new range. With a contemporary aesthetic and a minimal feel. These ...


    Spensley Dining Chair - Black

    Dining chair

    The Spensley is a part of our original range and designed to suit any lifestyle. Using stretched ...


    Roseneath Butterfly Chair - Black


    If you only ever buy one occasional chair then this has to be it. The Roseneath Butterfly in Blac...

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    Black Leather Chairs

    If you are looking for a dining chair that will give you absolute comfort as well as create a style sensation, then our modern and sleek collection of dining chairs is sure to captivate you. Our team at Barnaby Lane take great pride in offering you the perfect black leather chair or black leather armchair to suit not only your dining room but as a stylish occasional chair for other spaces too.

    Our founder, whose inspiration was the creation of Barnaby Lane, has proudly seen the firm grow from its humble beginnings to the well-known brand it is today. Our stylish and modern leather pieces are blazing the trail in bringing functional and comfortable ease to dining rooms both here in Australia, and more recently in the United States as well.

    Our success has been due largely to our commitment to break away from the stiff-backed and usually uncomfortable traditional dining chairs of old, to design and craft simple yet comfortable, lightweight yet durable pieces that bring sophistication and charm to any dining room. Our creations take up very little space, use attractive natural materials and are designed to last.

    Our Design Masterpiece

    The Smith is the perfect armchair for you , and we invite you to find out why. We simply can’t stop raving about this design masterpiece that has proven a runaway success. Created to not only provide absolute comfort for your dining room while being ultra-fashionable, its sling leather design, offers laid-back comfort and ease, while taking nothing away from your demand for elegance.

    Made from The Very Best of Natural Material

    Natural beauty and goodness come to you in these hand-crafted genuine solid wood and cowhide leather dining chairs. Both these natural products weather ageing gracefully and if well taken care of, take on a more classic look with the passing of time.  As each piece will not age the same way as another, individual pieces will take on their own individual characteristics, adding to their charm.

    Their minimalist style in various colours is versatile enough to allow you to fit your dining chairs not just to your dining room, but a few other spaces around the home, injecting new character into a room and changing its look.

    Our Armchair Collection in Black

    Black is a favourite dining chair choice for most people, and if you are looking for that perfect dining armchair piece in this colour, we’d like to showcase what we have to offer:

    • The Smith – Most popular, sling leather chair in teak frame
    • The Tanner – Barnaby classic, woven leather chair on blonde teak frame
    • Boston Black Armchair – Leather seat and back chair in a powder coated iron frame
    • The Fenwick - Stretched leather chair in an oak frame
    • Kensington Outdoor Armchair – Woven String (Plastic) chair on a teak frame
    • Oxford Black – Leather seat and back chair in powder coated iron frame.

    Browse online or visit our showroom to buy your black leather chair and fall in love. We are sure to have a dining chair that will enchant you.  We will deliver to you free, flat rate or quoted within Australia. Delivery time is 2 – 8 weeks for items in stock and 12 weeks for items out of stock.

    We look forward to serving you.

    Black Leather Dining Chairs with a Difference

    Here at Barnaby Lane, our black leather dining chairs are a perfect example of a furniture solution that immediately adds a sense of elegance, style, taste and sophistication to any room.

    From our wonderful showroom in Melbourne, customers can browse and access some of the finest pieces of leather furniture that are available in Australia. All of our items are designed and handcrafted by a dedicated and passionate team who also take sustainability very seriously.

    What’s more, we are all about finding the right items for your home, so when you drop in or ask a question online, you can expect that we will revolve the conversation around your needs and hopes, as opposed to making a sale.

    Enjoy the Benefits of Investing in Quality Black Leather Chairs

    • Leather is one of the most durable materials you could use on a piece of furniture. It repels bad odours, it is hypoallergenic – good news for asthmatics and allergy sufferers – it is very porous, which makes it cool to sit on and it doesn’t generate heat.

    • Those that claim that such an incredible material won’t last are clearly misguided or may have failed to properly look after their leather furniture when they had it. If you leave it in direct sunlight, then you can expect that it will fade but, for many, that’s part of the charm of leather.

    • Furthermore, those that opt for harsh chemical cleaning products instead of a soft damp cloth when cleaning can expect to do more harm than good. 

    • When cared for properly, the appearance of leather gets better with age so the longer you have your chairs, the more you’ll love them. 

    • Finally, just like most other surfaces, sharp objects will either leave a mark or cut into it, so keeping them away will help you protect and preserve it for so much longer.

    Furnish Your Home with Something Truly Unique

    Here at Barnaby Lane, our commitment to crafting elegant quality leather furniture is second to none and we invite those that wish to see just how great our products are to drop into our store to find out.

    If you have already made up your mind and hope to order online, rest assured that we deliver across Australia.

    At Barnaby Lane, we are certain that those who decide to buy a black leather chair will reap the rewards of a superb choice for many years to come. We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can and furnishing your home with something truly unique.

    Our collection features amazing pieces that fall into the following categories; black leather sling chairs, black leather armchairs, outdoor armchairs, black leather dining chairs and occasional chairs.

    Barnaby Lane are expert craftsmen of leather chairs throughout Melbourne & Australia. Whether you are looking for leather armchairs, leather sling chairs or leather dining chairs, Barnaby Lane have you covered with high quality, hand made chairs. We also stock differen't coloured chairs like tan leather chairs, black leather chairs & white leather chairs.

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