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    Kent Bench - Tan


    The Kent bench is an addition to the Barnaby woven collection. A sturdy bench suited for sitting ...


    Kent Bench - Blush


    The Kent bench is an addition to the Barnaby woven collection. A sturdy bench suited for sitting ...

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    Leather Bench Seats

    When you buy your leather bench from Barnaby Lane you’ll get a fantastic piece of furniture, you will be treated with great respect, and you will also get to enjoy plenty of great benefits such as the following;

    Furniture made for living – Our small leather benches are perfect for home life.  These benches are not just beautiful; they are also comfortable to sit on and practical for a number of purposes.  They are terrific for extra seating in any room or entryway, serve as decoration and are also handy and practical for stacking items.

    Minimalist design – At Barnaby Lane, we aim for the minimalist style not just because this style is currently so popular but also because these functional pieces don’t take up too much room and so offer you the best versatility.

    Handcrafted – Our benches are all handcrafted by expert craftsmen that have a passion for creating and designing beautiful and strong furniture.

    Quality materials – All of our furniture pieces are made of fine quality materials such as premium quality leather and the best natural timber.

    Durable benches – If you take good care of the leather and wood you can easily enjoy your bench for many years, decades or even a lifetime.

    Low maintenance – It is incredibly easy to keep your leather bed bench in great condition.  All you need to do is to dust it occasionally or wipe spots and dirt with a damp cloth.  You then need to care for the leather and wood only once in a while, and your bench will stay in great shape for many years to come.

    How to Care for Your Leather Furniture

    All Barnaby Lane products are made of 100% cowhide leather and natural wood.  These leathers are extremely durable, but a few extra care treatments and tips can help you keep these items in excellent condition for a lifetime.   Here are the best tips to help you care for your leather benches for foot of bed and any other leather furniture you may purchase from us:

    Keep out of direct sun – Direct sun exposure can fade the natural dyes in the leather and will also cause natural wood to dry out.  Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun and heating sources.

    Keep away from harsh elements – Acids, solvents, bleaches, polish removers, and other chemicals or chemical cleaners can stain your leather or can cause damage to these natural fibres. Always use clean water to wipe down furniture.

    Wipe with a damp cloth – Leather can get wet which could result in watermarks.  It is best to only wipe your furniture with a damp cloth and never with a wet one.  Only wipe softly and avoid rubbing. 

    Use leather care products – It is best to care for your furniture by applying the right treatments at least once every six months.  You can use furniture wax to care for wood parts of your bench and a quality leather moisturiser to keep your leather hides soft and in great condition.

    The leather bench seat has since evolved and is used in many different ways, including in the home.  Owning a leather bench seat will open your eyes to discover just how wonderfully convenient and multifunctional they can be.

    Don’t We All Love a Practical Piece of Furniture?

    We all love a practical piece of furniture and our leather bench seat is a definite winner. Our founder Rae Maxwell started off almost five years ago with a desire to create minimalist furniture pieces that would be functional and comfortable, yet fit into any home, without being too expensive. 

    She believes in the ethos that less is more, and has based all her designs on this, to create the wonderfully light, beautiful and functional pieces on offer. The Kent Bench is one such item. A woven leather piece on a sturdy wood teak frame, it can be used in a variety of home settings.

    What Makes A Bench Seat Fabulous

    The reasons why the bench seat is still a popular household item today and is seemingly making a comeback are:

    • It offers extra seating space when needed
    • It is convenient to place
    • With a great cushion, it adds colour and comfort

    Why don’t you purchase yours today? You will simply love how versatile it can be for different spaces around your home.

    How You Can Use Your Kent Bench

    At Barnaby Lane, our design team work to give you furniture items that add simple convenience and functionality to your life. With this in mind, we bring you our extremely versatile Kent Bench that you can use in the following ways:

    • At the end of a bed
    • In an entryway
    • In a dining room
    • Behind your sofa as a space filler or to create more seating
    • As an indoor bench seat.

    The variety of settings it can be used in, make it an item you would not want to miss out on. Rae Maxwell, the founder of Barnaby Lane says each of her pieces uses materials that are known for their quality. When you put the quality and the versatility together, the result is this handy, durable item that can serve for various functions around your home.

    This beautiful seat is available in blush, tan and black. Throw on some of our Kent cushions to create a perfect lounge about seat that can be taken outdoors on the patio, or in the garden. Whichever way you use it, you will find this a handy item every home should have.

    We have a buy now, pay later offer, and our payment methods are secure. To find out more, and to see this great product, please visit our showroom at 30 Wangarrata St. Richmond VIC, 3121. We are open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00AM – 04:00PM, and on Saturdays by appointment. Or order online. We will deliver anywhere within Australia. Please check our delivery details.

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