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We need a good sleep more than ever at the moment. Restoring our mind, body and soul is so important, and considering the amount of time you spend asleep, or trying to get to sleep, your bedroom should be the pinnacle of tranquility and peace, yet it’s often the place that we neglect.

We are here to help.!

Here's a few easy tips to get your bedroom back to that calming zone that we all need right now. 

Tip 1. Use a Calming Colour Palette

Science shows colour has the ability to shift your energy. Go with a softer palette of beiges, ivories, greys and tans. If you want a warmer shade, we love a terracotta which tends to have a grounding and calming effect.

Step back, make a plan and see how you could change your colour palette and what colours calm you, it is personal so go with your gut. Ge the paint brush out and start with the walls this will have an instant transformative impact. 

Our brand new Kent Bench in White is the perfect neutral addition to any bedroom — breaking up the bedroom with some texture and interest. Not to mention, its practicality can’t be beat. 

Tip 2. Incorporate Natural materials 

A quick and easy way to bring some zen is to update your bedding. Ditch the synthetic materials. Natural fibres like linen, cotton, offer that luxurious, lived-in feel and bring a sense of softness to any space — and they’re perfect for your bedding. Plus, studies show you’ll be lulled off to a better sleep. We’re big fans of I Love Linen (seen here). 

Tip 3. Choose Artwork That Sets the Mood

We love a pop of colour just as much as you but for a tranquil bedroom, we say pare it back. Choose something that is meaningful or insites thought rather than screams at you. We love Angus Martin’s work for this reason; he works in soft colour palettes and utilizes gentle curves and movement in his work. 

Tip 4. Digital Detox 

Pretty sure you saw this one coming but yes - it’s proven. Remove the digital devices from the bedroom. All of those phone calls, messages, news, alerts and everything else that you phone holds will be there for you in the morning! 

Tip 5. Adjust Your Lighting 

Soft lighting is essential. Remove any harsh lighting from the bedroom and instead use bedside lamps or pendants. Check out the Loop Pendant by IE Francis; the leather shade casts the most beautiful glow.

We hope this gets you back to your state of zen and lots of z's.

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